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Into Space 3: Xmas Story




You have got an electric shock and started to dream – current Christmas are in danger, aliens are trying to steal them! If you want protect them and keep the Christmas tradition for next generations, you will need to head into space adventure to collect 1000 lost gifts and huge amount of various candies in the air. Beside them, you will have chance meet even Santa and his lost big bags of gifts and candies – collecting them will save you much time on your route. Do not forget also collect gas for engines of your rocket, after all, you will have to reach really high heights to collect all the gifts. And if you see the aliens stealing gifts, do not hesitate to destroy them.

Games from Into space collections are built on a great concept of 1 big goal (overcome the longest possible distance on the route to space in the rocket which require many improvements and yet more attempts) – with a concept of a mini mission for each rocket launch – e.g. achieve certain height without damage, collect certain number of items in the space, destroy alien objects etc.

Christmas edition of Into Space is a great fun for hours. Have fun!


Into Space 3: Xmas Story has been developed by IceStone.


The game is suitable for playing from 3 years of age.

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