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Baby Hazel Fancy Dress




Do you know better fun than dressing in different clothes and trying different make-uo? When you want to look like someone or something else? Carnival or masquerade ball is great fun for both children and adults. Baby Hazel thought for a long time what she will going to do for one such carnival. She was bored at home watching TV and found a channel about animals. She was very interested in the peacock, and she thought she could disguise herself and go to the masquerade ball like one. Her mother agreed and offered to help her buy things for her costume. How will it all end? Will Hazel have the most beautiful costume? Will she win first place in the competition? You'll find out! Have fun.


Baby Hazel Fancy Dress has been developed by BabyHazelGames.


The game is suitable for playing from 3 years of age.

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