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Is Jack Frost Cheating On Elsa?




Elza has the best boyfriend. At least it had been so long ago. Now she suspects Jack that something is wrong. Is it possible that Jack would hide something, for example a new girlfriend and cheated on Elza? Help her find out the truth. The first step - getting into Jack's cell phone. What's his password? Hint: his favorite holiday is Christmas. Step Two - Search for evidence against Jack on mobile. Will she find evidence without Jack catching her? Step three - solve the whole situation as it should be solved - with your friends. New game for girls Is Jack Frost Cheating On Elsa? will definitely be interesting for you, if your topic number one are relationships. Have fun.


Is Jack Frost Cheating On Elsa? has been developed by DressUpWho.


The game is suitable for playing from 3 years of age.

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