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Potato Salad - Cooking with Emma




You can know Emma from several TV shows where she cooks delicious meals, and always gets the highest points. In the kitchen, she is the best, and this is her new recipe - potato salad. Here is the instructions: Boil potatoes for 20 minutes until they are cooked. Peel them, and cut them into cubes. Cut tomatoes and other vegetables, and put them in a large bowl together with potatoes. Mayonnaise: soak cashews and combine them with cauliflower and water in a blender, and make it smooth. Add olive oil and remaining ingredients, and mix thoroughly. Add mayonnaise to the potatoes, and complete it with the rest of ingredients. Leave it in the fridge for few hours before serving. List of the ingredients becomes available once you finish the game. Have fun.


Potato Salad - Cooking with Emma has been developed by Famobi.

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