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4×Puzzle is logic game that you can play in your browser for free. Can you find the solution on the board? Be careful not to full whole board, otherwise game will end.

The principle of the game is easy and very funny. Put squares on the board and try to make sure you always have a move. Moves are of two kinds: 1. you put the same numbers each to other so they disappear, 2. you put different numbers on each other with the condition that their sum is not more than 100. If you chose 2. move try to store the same numbers next to each other and they disappear. How many points will you score?

The game belongs to the mathematical casual games category that will help you with the sum of up to 100 and at the same time you solve problem of to get two or more of the same numbers together. We keep fingers crossed! Have fun.


4xPuzzle has been developed by Famobi.


The game is suitable for playing from 3 years of age.

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