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Garage Apocalypse




An outside apocalypse broke out and you stayed stucked in the garage. Your only hope is an old broken car. However, you will find out that everything is not lost and the vehicle should be repaired. After exploring the garage you found everything needed! Hooray starts with repairing. But it has one catch. You don't have enough quiet for it. There are thousands of zombies out there and they walk to your door. Literally. Watch the surroundings and blast the zombies so they don't destroy the door. If doors are damaged, you can repair them. Schedule your time, zombies are getting more and you need a functional vehicle. What is your priority? Can you fix a car before you die under a zombie rush? Choose one of three difficulty levels. Have fun.


Garage Apocalypse has been developed by AlienplayGames.


The game is suitable for playing from 12 years of age.

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