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Pipol Smasher




Too brutal to be a fun – despite that – Pipol Smasher was very popular in the era of Flash games. Today, you can play this game based on killing people with a vehicle in HTML5 – native technology functional on all major platforms including mobile. Game has been remaked by Icestone focused at bringing good old flash games into current browsers.

The goal of the game is to control a vehicle by clicking at it to get start and stop it, however in the reverse order than you should normally do. The task of Pipol Smasher is kill all people by a ride through them, smash a car as much as possible by a hit into a wall, but primarily do not get fall from the road.

The game offers 15 classic and 15 fire levels. Smaaaaaash fun!


Pipol Smasher has been developed by IceStone.


The game is suitable for playing from 16 years of age.

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