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Download, install and play! Become a legend in the world of tanks. Everyone is trying to have the largest tank army with the strongest tanks. Enemy is around every corner. Shoot and survive the fight.

After eight years, huge update for World of Tanks is here, coming up with completely reworked design which can compete with most AAA titles of this age! New stunning graphics effects, unique and immersive music, completely reworked garage for your military vehicles, rebalanced maps, but... same system requirements you were used to! That's a great reason to enjoy a completely new tank adventure without need of any hardware upgrades! Thanks to the new graphics engine, you can expect impressive and realistic environments and explosive destruction effects. Maps have been remade into HD versions and once, a completely new one, has been added to the list... Arctic Circle atmosphere is now spreading fast... Each map now has its own unique sountrack as it changes throughout the battle depending on your game progress! Documents on the events of World War II and its battles currently enjoys great popularity. However, none of them gives you feelings like you are a member of the battle. Therefore World Of Tanks is here. Embark on more than 20 places which hosted famous tank battles of World War II and beginning of the Cold War. Due to the variety of two various wars you can play not only in the colors of the Soviet Union, Nazi German, France, Britain and the United States, but also in colors of China or Japan. Each of these seven former superpower used different type of tanks and their properties. And their list of tanks had really huge number of lines, just this game contains hundreds of them. Anyway, what's the point of World of Tanks, that's great possibility of progress throughout the game. Thanks to it you will get better tanks, equipments and will be part of difficult battles against millions of real players. The goal is win every battle. That's possible by destroying all enemy units or by cast of predetermined location. In addition, the game offers also defensive and attacking battles. Game World Of Tanks is phenomen of last years. Its story line pulls millions of passionate players for long hours every day. Neither the needed of installation is obstacle for them. Do you have interest be part of these battles? If so, feel free to click play button. Enjoy.


The game is suitable for playing from 7 years of age.


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