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War, it's world of fights on land, in the air, and even in the sea. Just the last space will become your new home in the game similar to World Of Tanks, called World of Warships. Thanks to the game you can live life of admirals at first half of the twentieth century. And yes, there was a war. You can fight alongside the navy of United States, Imperial Japanese, Kriegsmarine, Royal and The Soviet. Into the fight you can go with a warship from 4 various kinds of vessels - destroyers, cruisers, battleships and aircraft carriers, including historic ships. Every ship has its advantages, as well as disadvantages. Therefore the selection is important. For more power you can also purchase upgrading, however it costs points which is needed to earn in battles. Just this is the magic of the game, because there are many other millions players who want those points for upgrading ships too. Therefore they fight, and trying to be the best because that's the way to earn most. Win a battle is not easy and requires skill. The goal is occupy a marked strategic space in the sea, which is easiest, if all ships of infantry cooperate. Are you interested in? Do not wait for anything and try to play World Of Warships. It's free. Have fun.


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