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Football / Soccer managers, who would not know them? These games have own fan base already from the first game of this type – Championship Manager commercially released in 1992 by brothers Paul and Oliver Collyer on basis of their prototype game from the late 1980s. From that time, many new football and soccer manager games have come, the complexity of these games have grown which resulted in a quit big entrance barrier for newcomers to fully understand all features and options available in these games.

Club Manager is an alternative soccer manager game which come on the scene with an idea converting elsewhere demanding mechanisms into simple sets of playing cards represention all in-game assets.

We could basically consider Club manager as a soccer card game – every player, manager or improvement in the game is being represented with a card with certain properties. A player uses these cards with each other in such combination which provide the highest possible synergy and performance to beat opponents in soccer matches. Every match brings a new card allowing next improvement of the team, as well as game currency required for building the best football statium.

In a role of manager you will take care of the best possible results of your soccer team in the table of teams, but also on the field of financial soundness as well as effective relationships between your hired coach and team as well as between individual footballers of your club – like in the real life, the proper chemistry is the key to success. Manage your team, watch matches anytime you want and try lead your quite ordinary soccer team to the top rankings in the most famous championships worldwide!

Club Manager game has been developed by Zwolle (Netherland) based game studio GamoVation (from words ‘Gaming’ and ‘Innovation’). The studio was founded in 2010 and except Club Manager they operate also Mafia Battle and old flash-based Fishao game.


Club Manager has been developed by GamoVation.

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