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Defeat The Monster




Defeat The Monster is 2D fast action game. The player has only 3 seconds to find the right weapon against the monster. The game starts with 2 monsters - vampire and zombie. The player has always 3 options how to kill the enemy, but only one is right. Proceed the game and unlock more monsters.

Looking for something epic? If you want an action, adrenaline and test your reflexes, maybe this game is the one you were looking for. Get into the arena and fight the monsters. They are very fast battles where the doubt will make you lose. You must be determined and defeat them using their own weaknesses. If you achieve it, you will win stars and unlock the magic and mysterious mirrors. As you advance you will also unlock more mythological and legendary monsters.Don't be afraid, when this happens, you will be ready. You will be stronger and faster than the monsters. Use your memory to remember their weak points. Face them right now, become a legend! Have fun.


Defeat The Monster has been developed by XpresateStudio.


The game is suitable for playing from 7 years of age.

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