Action Games

Action games - the name of this category speaks for itself. All of these online games are full of action! Shooting, running, jumping, racing, combat, zombies, explosions and all kinds of fast paced fun - you can find all of it here and even more.

Action games category is one of the widest on our web. That's because action is found in most of our games and if we don't count idle games, you can find action pretty much in every game.

Car racing games

For example car racing games - these games are one of the first ation games ever created. Wether you want to be a Formula F1 driver, taxi city driver, cargo driver or a stunt man in destruction derby, you can do all of it here! And if that isn't enough for you, you can even race ships, scooters or motorbikes in these free games on our site! We got you covered even if you want to be a pilot, with our Free Flight Simulator, or even a pirate with games like or Colonial Cart World.

Shooting games

The same applies even for shooting games, which are probably the most action-filled games in the world. Fight for you life, shoot enemies with sniper, kill zombies, aliens or other players in multiplayer. Or you can hunt in hunting games or train archery for olympic games! Wether it is third person shooter or fps game, these free shooting games will give you the action you need. Including some hilarious titles like shell shockers where you play as an egg and shoot other eggs. Also, if you a re a fan of open world sandbox games like Grand Theft Auto, you will find many games like that on our site, for example Cars Thief 2 or Grand Action Crime.

Other online games with action

Action games is more than just shooting and racing tough. You can wear armor and ride your horse into battle for example. Or you can try the life of superhero such as Spiderman or Batman. There are even some really crazy games like tiger, puffer fish or dragon simulators, and then of course the so called "io" games such as,, and so on. However, if you want to destroy whole cities, is not the only game where you can do that! You can try what it is like to be mad evil battle robot rampaging trough the city, destroying everything in its path including buildings in Robot City Simulator, or you can try the same as a bloodthirsty monster from hell in Monster Simulator Trigger City!

Free games!

Even those of you who love classic games will find what they want with classic Prince of Persia 1. As we already said all of our games are free as always so go try them yourself now!

If you are looking for more than just playing action games on a simple gaming website, we recommend to check action games section on PacoGames.