Multiplayer Games

Games with multiplayer are one of the most popular ones on our site. Why? Because playing your favourite game with your friend is always more fun than play it alone or with strangers. Whether it is shooter games, action games, io games, racing games or something completely different, it's always better to play it in multiplayer!

Shooter Games

Shooting games are undisputably the most action-filled games in the world. In these games you can fight for you life, become a legendary sniper, kill aliens, zombies or other players. All of this is even beter if you play with other players, especially if you play it with your friends. The possibilities of what you can shoot with your friend are endless. You can hunt in hunting games or become archers in olympic games! Third person shooters, first person shooters, sidescrolling shooters, top-down shooters, we have it all! Go and try all of these games with your friends yourself!

Car games

There is also a great selection of car games you can try in multiplayer with your friends or classmates. Racing is one of the first competitive sports to ever be invented since people started runing. Now you can race for free online in anything you can imagine, from bikes to supersport cars and scooters or airplanes. However car games are not always about racing so you can try things like obstacle runs or even better - destruction derby in games like Scrap Metal!

IO Games

One of the best types of multiplayer games are the IO games. Games like,, and many other are the reasons of many sleepless nights since they are very addictive and entertaining. That's because the fact, that these games are incredibly simple so everyone knows how to play them in few seconds. Easy to learn, hard to master as they say! These games contain even battle royale titles such as, which is our absolute favorite.

Other Games

Multiplayer is one of the most important parts of any game and if your favorite game does'nt have multiplayer, you can be damn sure that there its multiplayer version somewhere or game very similar that has this feature. That is wha you can find even many crazy multiplayer titles in our category, such as Desert Worms, Happy Hops and many more. There are also sports games in our multiplayer section category such as golf, darts, 8ball pool etc. so try them all with your friends!

If you are looking for more than just playing multiplayer games on a simple gaming website, we recommend to check multiplyer games section on PacoGames.