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C.A.T.S. - Crash Arena Turbo Stars




C.A.T.S. – Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a fun multiplayer arena game against players from around the world. You'll need tactics, the best strategy to win the machine matches. Build the most powerful machine, but at the same time physically the most stable. You can have more damage than your enemy but you still lose, because they will turn you on your back and than you can not attack properly.

The game is wonderful with its simplicity. You aren't fighting in the arena, you're not moving. Your task is to build the best vehicle before the match. The game has many elements. Open the boxes and find new parts for upgrading your vehicle. You can fuse parts to get stronger ones.

Fight in the arena and get to the live stream. Only the best can do it. You must not hesitate in any match. If you win three in a row, you will be automatically promoted to a higher league.

New innovative game that you will absolutely love. Try to combine everything you can, you never know what will be the result. Sometimes it can be a the best car in the game. Have fun.


The game is suitable for playing from 7 years of age.

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