Sports Games

Sports games category contains every sport you can imagine. You can find basketball games, football and soccer games, darts or even archery and much more!

Sports games are everything a sports enthusiast might want in his free time or when he finds himself in situation when he cannot sport in real life. Wether you like extreme or action sports like Box or Downhill Skiing, or calm sports like Billiard, Pool or Golf, you will find your favorite here!

Games for athletes

This section is an absolute perfection for all athletes, and basically everyone who is prefering an active lifestyle. On the other hand, we believe that even gamers, that do not really belong into these groups, can really enjoy our collection of the best free sports games online. These games are easy to learn, and at the same time extremely entertaining. If you want, play soccer games for free, and score hundreds of perfect goals from penalty kicks at the world cup. Or perhaps you want to be a tennis star? Then visit our virtual tennis courts and play tennis against AI or your friend. For team based players we have team games like hockey, baseball, or basketball. Pick the best team and win a a whole tournament!

Competitive games

If you are competitive player, don't worry! One of the most favorite ones on our site are fighting games, that are created to please those of you, who are competitive gamers. Play our latest free fighting games, and wrestle your opponents, enjoy the atmoshpere of a boxing match, or challenge and knock out your rival. Fight sports collection to choose from is really big.

Skill based games

Are you ready for free sport games that require a skill? Try games, such as 8-ball pool, bowling, darts, or extreme sports like ski jumping, skateboarding or just become the king or queen of snowboard. If you miss winter already, there is quite interesting selection of winter games. You can enjoy high slopes on ski or snowboard. Ride trough snowstorm on scooter, shoot goals in an Ice Hockey Shootout or try to become figure-skating legend in Skating Hero! If you hate the cold winter days on the other hand, try visiting the local gym and try how much can you work out. Be the best in the gym!

If you are looking for more than just playing sports games on a simple gaming website, we recommend to check Sport games section on PacoGames.