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Samurai Showdown


= movement
= attack
= interaction
= roll
= jump
= pause


Follow legendary samurai on his pilgrimage to ancient Japan in search for the meaning of a warrior's life. Samurai, the famous Japanese warriors armed with legendary swords, who follow the Bushido Code (Way of The Warrior), have become legendary in the past because of their heroic deeds in wars as well as in normal life. But now, one of these warriors is in great danger, as a group of treacherous enemies, which is interested only in impaling his head onto a pole, is trying to take him down. Will the honor of a true warrior win, or will he fall against huge numbers of enemies? It depends, above all, on how you stand up to it - a new hope for the dawn of the world. If you can bend with the sword, there is a certain hope, but the fight itself requires much more than just rattle with this weapon. Fear, devotion, pride, courage. What will win? Have fun.


Samurai Showdown has been developed by sandy.

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