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Tanks 2D: Tank Wars




Destroy enemy tanks and equipment! Upgrade weapons, buy and upgrade new tanks! Fight with boss tanks! There are many tanks in the game: MS-1, BT-2, T-60, T-127, T-34, KV-2, KV-3, IS-2. Use airstrikes and air support! Win the tank war!

A real tank battle! Choose a tank, upgrade your weapons and be ready to start a war. Destroy enemies and bosses! Buy and upgrade your tank! Enjoy the exciting gameplay with different enemies!

  • Tanks that can be controlled and pumped in the game:
    • MS-1
    • BT-2
    • T-60
    • T-127
    • T-34
    • KV-2
    • KV-3
    • IS-2
  • -Fight tanks, armored vehicles, infantry, fortified objects, bosses and planes.
  • The new air strike accelerator will help you hit enemies.
  • The air support service is always ready to provide a repair kit. Launch and play tank battle!


The game is suitable for playing from 7 years of age.

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