Girls Games

Playing games is not exclusively reserved for boys and there are a lot of girls who love to play videogames. Girls of all ages, who love to play games, will surely find their favorite game among our collection of games for girls.

Doctor games

Inside of this category you can enjoy a lot of fun while playing games ranging from simple makeup games to advanced surgeries. You can be doctor for people or animals or you can even tak care of mythical creatures such as unicorns or even cartoon characters, like for example Spongebob Squarepants! You have to be careful tough, so that you don't harm your patient even more!

Cooking games

If you love cooking and would love to one day be as good cook as your parents or grandparents, you should definitely try one of our cooking games from our girls games category. Can you keep up with the demand in a great restaurant and feed everyone in time? Or you can try to create the best burger or pizza in the world! Perhaps you want to be manager of a restaurant and start big international company of restaurants? Whatever your wish might be, you can feel like it already happened in one of our cooking/restaurant games!

Fashion games

Most girls love fashion and dressing up nicely. In our games you can prove that you are a real fashion genius! Create complicated dresses for brides, models, yourself or even for cartoon characters. The same goes for makeup! Are you a makeup artist? If not, why not try it today in one of our makeup games? You can choose from many different styles of makeup and from many volunteers ranging from celebrities to cartoon characters, who wish you created your famous makeup for them. Hairstyle is just as important as the things we mentioned above and you can find alot of games where you can work your magic on various haircuts.

Love games

If you are secretly in love with someone, you can find out how good you are in flirting and try to take your idol to a date in one ou our dating/love games! Become a princess and complete your quest of getting the prince you always wanted to love you. This and many more things love-related you can experience in our free online dating games from our girls games collection!

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